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Sam’s non-literary background is in web development and marketing, so he appreciates the efforts of those who make it easier for him to turn the internet into something useful. These are some of the tools and services that have done their part to make this site significantly less mediocre than it otherwise would have been.


A fun and easy-to-use photo filter app. All of the featured photos on this site are much improved by having used it.

Mauer Themes

This site was built on a theme created by Mauer. Sam could have done something himself, but the good people at Mauer enabled him to throw money at his problems to make them go away. That’s the American way!

Dragan Paunovic

An outstanding artist, Dragan did the cover art for The Winter Riddle. Sam scribbled over it with some fonts so he could claim that it was a joint effort. It’s a clever lie that will never fool anyone.