Utterly Farcical Nonsense by

Now Before the Dark

Time is running out for the Old Country.

How does one save a nation when the erstwhile gods are against the idea? In the finale of Terribly Serious Darkness, it’s up to Sloot Peril—the world’s greatest accountant and poorest everything else—to figure it out.

Unfortunately, he’ll have help. A philosopher who’d sooner die (again) than do any real work, a bard who can’t play his non-instrument, and a spooky wizard who’s often mistaken for a vampire may not be ideal allies, but with any luck—which Sloot’s never had—they’ll occasionally get out of his way.

Does Sloot stand a chance against serpent cults, demons, dragons, and the most sinister financial report every written? Doubtful. If he’s even going to survive the dance contest, he’ll have to think of something now, before the Dark swallows everything up.

Press for Now Before the Dark

“With a lyrical tone and hilarious dialogue that do double duty with its world building, the novel continues the brilliant satire seen in the series’ earlier books…whimsical adventure, and frequent, humorous plays on words, spoofs of contemporary events, and clever reversals of expected dynamics make Now Before the Dark a delight.” —C. Foster, Foreword Reviews

“Fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams will appreciate the farce and puns that are the hallmark of Hooker’s writing.” —Dawn Kuczwara, Booklist

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