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The Wind Has Shifted

I’ve made a bittersweet decision. I’m setting aside the novel I’ve been writing all year. Leaving it unfinished. Moving on to something new. I took a gamble. The treatment for this project was outside my regular milieu. Still, it “felt” like my work. I was excited during the planning phase, but I got the first […]

Data Privacy: Sure, Why Not?

Your information is out there. It’s everyone’s fault, really. Well, not dogs, but they’re not legally people, despite all the letters I’ve written to my congressman, who’s a woman. Damn gendered language. Visit a website? Google Analytics adds one to a hit counter. Buy a framed photo of your cat? Guess what sort of ads […]

On Swearing

There are no swear words in my books, though I can assure you my regular dialogue is rife with them, as is my inner monologue. Like all true Americans, I don’t trust people who don’t swear, so I feel that I owe my readers an explanation. If you can’t trust the guy who writes your […]

Everyday Supernatural

I’ve spent the last month preparing for the release of Soul Remains, the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness, and writing the third. By “preparing” I mean getting plenty of rest, which is one of my talents. In order of expertise, here are my top 5 talents: Getting plenty of rest Eating comfort food in […]

New Year, New Works

Shouldn’t I have done this in January? Probably, but that would make me the efficient, on-the-ball sort of writer who gets chided by all of the other writers for setting the bar too high (or, more accurately, picking it up off the floor). I don’t intentionally align my novel timelines with the calendar year, but […]

Peril Recap

Warning: Spoilers (Seriously, they’re everywhere.) This is a brief recap of the people and events of Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness 1). It’s intended as a refresher for anyone preparing to read Soul Remains (Terribly Serious Darkness 2). If you haven’t read Peril in the Old Country and you don’t want to […]

Read The Winter Riddle

There Are Rules to the Holidays In my house, you don’t talk about a certain winter holiday season before Halloween has come to a close. Failure to observe the rules may result in some serious baleful glares, or worse. Well, no, not worse. But those glares are seriously baleful. In any case, I was beyond relieved […]

Preorder The Winter Riddle

​​When destiny calls on the Winter Witch to save the North Pole, will she pretend she’s not in? I’m a Halloweenist. If I had to pick a single holiday to celebrate during the year, Halloween would be it. A witch is the protagonist in my upcoming novel. I encourage all other holidays to refrain from applying, […]

Is It Really a Bad Review?

I thought I received a bad review yesterday. I was wrong. Being a writer means occasionally finding out what people think of your work. I once thought that if one was good at writing, one would get good feedback. While that’s at least partially true, it’s not the only factor in a review. The personal […]

Peril Has Landed!

The big day has finally arrived! I feel like a kid at Christmas, no attention being paid to the fact that I’m over forty and it’s June. When I started writing Peril in the Old Country, I was writing for myself. Well, for myself and my wife, Shelly, who said she liked my first novel. […]