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Soul Remains Recap

Warning: Spoilers In fact, that’s all this is. If you haven’t read Soul Remains and don’t want the surprises ruined, go and read something else. The internet is chock full of absurdity. Current events would be a great place to start. If you’re about to read Soul Remains and need a refresher on Peril in the Old Country, there’s a summary of […]

The Wind Has Shifted

I’ve made a bittersweet decision. I’m setting aside the novel I’ve been writing all year. Leaving it unfinished. Moving on to something new. I took a gamble. The treatment for this project was outside my regular milieu. Still, it “felt” like my work. I was excited during the planning phase, but I got the first […]

Data Privacy: Sure, Why Not?

Your information is out there. It’s everyone’s fault, really. Well, not dogs, but they’re not legally people, despite all the letters I’ve written to my congressman, who’s a woman. Damn gendered language. Visit a website? Google Analytics adds one to a hit counter. Buy a framed photo of your cat? Guess what sort of ads […]

On Swearing

There are no swear words in my books, though I can assure you my regular dialogue is rife with them, as is my inner monologue. Like all true Americans, I don’t trust people who don’t swear, so I feel that I owe my readers an explanation. If you can’t trust the guy who writes your […]

Everyday Supernatural

I’ve spent the last month preparing for the release of Soul Remains, the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness, and writing the third. By “preparing” I mean getting plenty of rest, which is one of my talents. In order of expertise, here are my top 5 talents: Getting plenty of rest Eating comfort food in […]

New Year, New Works

Shouldn’t I have done this in January? Probably, but that would make me the efficient, on-the-ball sort of writer who gets chided by all of the other writers for setting the bar too high (or, more accurately, picking it up off the floor). I don’t intentionally align my novel timelines with the calendar year, but […]

Peril Recap

Warning: Spoilers (Seriously, they’re everywhere.) This is a brief recap of the people and events of Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness 1). It’s intended as a refresher for anyone preparing to read Soul Remains (Terribly Serious Darkness 2). If you haven’t read Peril in the Old Country and you don’t want to […]

Read The Winter Riddle

There Are Rules to the Holidays In my house, you don’t talk about a certain winter holiday season before Halloween has come to a close. Failure to observe the rules may result in some serious baleful glares, or worse. Well, no, not worse. But those glares are seriously baleful. In any case, I was beyond relieved […]

Preorder The Winter Riddle

​​When destiny calls on the Winter Witch to save the North Pole, will she pretend she’s not in? I’m a Halloweenist. If I had to pick a single holiday to celebrate during the year, Halloween would be it. A witch is the protagonist in my upcoming novel. I encourage all other holidays to refrain from applying, […]

Is It Really a Bad Review?

I thought I received a bad review yesterday. I was wrong. Being a writer means occasionally finding out what people think of your work. I once thought that if one was good at writing, one would get good feedback. While that’s at least partially true, it’s not the only factor in a review. The personal […]