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The Wind Has Shifted

I’ve made a bittersweet decision. I’m setting aside the novel I’ve been writing all year. Leaving it unfinished. Moving on to something new.

I took a gamble. The treatment for this project was outside my regular milieu. Still, it “felt” like my work. I was excited during the planning phase, but I got the first draft stuck in a rut and haven’t been able to dig it back out.

Ruts happen. I got stuck in them all the time while writing¬†Terribly Serious Darkness. But I was always able to dig my way out, find some unexpected twist that reignited my love for it. With this project, every writing session has been a struggle for months. The rut’s too deep.

I didn’t realize how little I was enjoying the craft until I had an idea for a new series. Something closer to my oeuvre. I’ve spent a couple of days sketching out ideas, watching them simply explode onto the page. More than that, they’re building on each other, spawning new little horrors, weaving together so quickly and seamlessly that my average typing speed has trouble keeping up.

This. This was what I’d been missing! The concepts, the characters, the magic and myths of this fantastic new world feel so real to me. So rife with stories that I can’t ignore the siren’s song. I’m eager to dash myself against the rocks of the first chapter. I hadn’t felt that about my novel draft in far too long.

I still believe in that novel. It’s just not its time. Let it rest in the drawer for a year or two. Or ten. I plan on living for a while, so there’s time to come back to it.

The Good News

The new thing is episodic. If all goes well, I’ll start releasing it early next year. It’s too early for spoilers, but I promise you won’t have to wait long.

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  1. Kathy Blair

    September 28, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    I think you have made a great decision. The past year hasn’t been a waste, it is going to make the finish line much closer when you DO come back to it. Meanwhile, follow your heart. I’m cheering for I you and looking forward reading your next series.


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