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I’ve spent the last month preparing for the release of Soul Remains, the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness, and writing the third. By “preparing” I mean getting plenty of rest, which is one of my talents. In order of expertise, here are my top 5 talents:

  1. Getting plenty of rest
  2. Eating comfort food in quantities that would anger my personal trainer
  3. Avoiding hiring a personal trainer
  4. Writing, probably
  5. Arguing that Netflix counts as a talent

Soul Remains

It’s almost here! On April 23, the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness will be available everywhere books are sold; however, you don’t have to wait to order your copy! It’s available for preorder everywhere. Pro Tip: If you preorder it, it might get shipped early. Or, at the very least, you’ll be among the first to have it in hand.

If you’re the sort who likes autographed copies, consider purchasing one from Mysterious Galaxy. I’ll be there on April 27th to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, and I’ll scribble in the front of every copy they’ve got.

Wondercon Panel

I’ve done some other things as well. My good friend Maryelizabeth from Mysterious Galaxy coaxed me out of my lair and had me speak on a panel at WonderCon 2019 in Anaheim. There are photographs.

The other authors and I had a great time pretending to prefer the company of other people to locking ourselves in our studies and making up stories. The topic of the panel was “everyday supernatural.” We blathered at length about what lurks in the darkness that we inflict upon our protagonists. The authors on the panel, from left to right, were:

  1. Stephen Blackmoore (Eric Carter series)
  2. Jessica Cluess (Kingdom on Fire series)
  3. Kristi Charish (Kincaid Strange series)
  4. Tania del Rio (Warren the 13th series)
  5. … and yours truly.

Here’s a brief video of my latest haircut, and the face beneath it prattling on about keeping characters weird.

My sincere thanks to Nadine Armstrong for moderating the panel, and to everyone who attended and laughed at my horrible jokes. Thanks also to my lovely wife, Shelly, for taking photos and getting me where I needed to be on time.

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