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There Are Rules to the Holidays

In my house, you don’t talk about a certain winter holiday season before Halloween has come to a close. Failure to observe the rules may result in some serious baleful glares, or worse.

Well, no, not worse. But those glares are seriously baleful.

In any case, I was beyond relieved when Black Spot Books told me that they’d scheduled The Winter Riddle for publication on November 1st. It’s not a Winter Holiday Season Book per se, but it’s got Santa in it. If we’d gone to market any sooner, I’d have been in severe danger.

But no matter! I made it past Halloween with my skin, and now I can babble about The Winter Riddle with wanton abandon.

Interviews and Guest Posts

As part of the promotional work for the release, I did a few virtual appearances on other blogs:

I’ve received some good reviews from industry publications, NetGalley, Goodreads, and more. I’m humbled and honored by the praise my work has received thus far, and my classic writer’s anxiety has only convinced me twice today that I need to give up writing forever. That’s a huge win!

If You Would Like To Support Me

Many authors feel awkward about asking their readers for support. I am not many authors.

First and likely the most obvious: buy my books. Hard copy or eBook, online giant or local bookseller, it doesn’t matter to me. Every copy sold counts toward my bestseller status, and once I can claim to be Bestselling Author Sam Hooker, things really start looking rosy for your humble narrator.

It would further be nice if you were to enjoy my books, which is most readily achieved by reading them. I have yet to produce an audiobook, nor is any of my work available as a lotion that one can apply to the skin and absorb. Sorry, but it’s the old look-at-pages-and-read-what’s-on-them at present. I’ll be sure to let you know if that changes.

Upon completing the first two bits, you can further support my work by bothering to review my books. Go to the website of the retailer from whom you bought it, or a review community like Goodreads, and tell people what you think of my work. I encourage you to be honest–you know as well as I do that readers can sniff out phony reviews. I genuinely appreciate your honesty.

What’s Next?

I’m inches from finishing the final draft of the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness. It picks up right after the end of Peril in the Old Country, and it should be on shelves everywhere in June 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

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