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Peril Has Landed!

The big day has finally arrived! I feel like a kid at Christmas, no attention being paid to the fact that I’m over forty and it’s June.

When I started writing Peril in the Old Country, I was writing for myself. Well, for myself and my wife, Shelly, who said she liked my first novel. I like making her happy, and I thought that perhaps another novel might do that. In any case, I had no intention of marketing this thing, but only because that seemed like a lot of work, and I’m a notoriously lazy writer.

Enter Black Spot Books. If I haven’t yet gushed at length about the fantastic work that they’ve done over the past several months, then I’ve done them a disservice. I owe debts of gratitude to several amazing women who have gone out of their way to turn my manuscript into a novel worth reading:

And, last but not least, to the boss lady herself, Lindy Ryan, publisher extraordinaire. Without her expertise and tireless efforts, I might have had to do some of the work beyond writing the book myself. I can guarantee that it wouldn’t have been done half as well, if at all.

Thanks also to my advance readers, who either likedĀ Peril or had enough consideration for my feelings to tell me that they did.

Alright, back to work on the sequel.

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