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Darkly Humorous Fantasy

In the mood for a fantasy novel that dallies in the darkness? There’s a chance you’ve come to the right place. If you’d like to know what terrors lurk in the darkest havens where evil holds sway, try reading Stephen King. If you’d like to know just where to tickle said terrors to get them blushing and giggling, try reading Sam Hooker.

Sam’s work embodies much of the farcical whimsy found in books by Terry PratchettDouglas Adams, and Roger Zelazny. If you have no taste for whimsy, then you may have come to the wrong place. If you’re an entirely serious person who has no time for silliness, you are likely to disapprove of Sam’s work. If you’re not interested in learning which swear words will conjure the most goblins, you needn’t read on.

About Sam

Filling up novels with nonsense is hard work. Well, it’s work, anyway. And someone’s got to do it. Well, no one’s got to do it, but if no one did, then no one would. That’s why my work is so important. Well, maybe not important

– Sam Hooker

Sam has a degree in Communication from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. He also has a certificate proclaiming him a Qualified Irish Whiskey Taster from the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland. He considers them equally important to his work.

Originally from Texas, Sam currently lives in southern California with his wife Shelly, his son Jack, his dog Cervantes, and a cat who insists on being left out of all of this silliness. His name has been redacted.


Peril in the Old Country

Coming Soon: The Winter Riddle, Re-Released!

“I was perfectly happy to let my first novel molder in self-published anonymity, but my publisher saw something special in it,” says Hooker. “I am thrilled to be working with Black Spot Books again to re-release a new, improved version of The Winter Riddle just in time for readers to cozy up with it this holiday season.”

When destiny calls on the Winter Witch to save the North Pole, will she pretend she’s not in?

Once upon a time, the North Pole was a very noisy place. A kingdom cowered under the maniacal rule of the White Queen, The Vikings raided and pillaged as they were wont to do, and the Winter Witch avoided talking to any of them.

When her peace and quiet are obliterated by threats of war and Ragnarok, she’ll try anything to get them back. When casting spells to become nearly invisible and dealing with otherworldly powers fail, the Winter Witch needs to forge an alliance with Santa—a retired warrior who’s anything but jolly—to save the North Pole from calamity.

Will the Vikings take up arms against the frost giants? Will an evil necromancer keep the kingdom in the grip of fear? And for the love of Christmas, will everyone who isn’t the Winter Witch please stop meddling with dark forces beyond mortal comprehension for a bit?

Deck the halls and bar the doors! We’re in for a long winter’s night.

Preorder now wherever books are sold. Available November 1, 2018!

Southern California Readings

Calling all book clubs, literary groups, and secret societies in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles! If you would like to host Sam for a reading, send an email to sam@shooker.co. Please be forewarned that Sam will likely bring books available for purchase, and may even go so far as to scribble in the fronts of them. Some people have no respect for books.